Get our $40 unlimited talk and text plan for just $30 a month

By | Posted November 12th, 2010

Sign up to Public Mobile before November 21st and get our popular $40 unlimited talk and text plan for only $30, for 6 months. We are also including free Canadian and U.S. long distance for 6 months as well.

To make it even easier to get talking, we are continuing to offer 50% off select phones.

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  1. Dustin says:

    Another sweet deal for new customer.

  2. Jason says:

    Too bad they wont let their existing customers get on board with these deals, makes me consider cancelling my service so I can activate a new phone and sign up a new with a better deal. Great for encouraging new comers, not so great at retaining the existing. I feel like they are failing us.

  3. ashley says:


    any idea when the service will be available in hamilton wentworth area?

  4. ken says:

    I went to the store and they said i have to take a new mobile to get the deal, when already have one, which they say is not usefull, I broke it infront of them and gave it to them, no more interested in going with public, mobilicity is better

  5. Jason says:

    thanks for the tip ken, i am looking at them now. looks like its time to drop public mobile

  6. Jason says:

    or not, mobilicity is only an option if your in the GTA (toronto), nice nationwide coverage, but with roaming fees, so close, but no cigar

  7. Someone says:


    You do realize that all the new carriers cover a handful of major cities only? They’re in the process of building out their networks, so all this roaming charges and dropped calls when switching are at the mercy of the existing carriers (RogersFido / Telus / Bell).

    I think Wind’s got the most cities (3-4), not sure about Mobilicity or Public.

  8. elhilayla says:

    Is it for a contrat OR not?

  9. Dustin says:

    I am happy to hear that other people are unhappy with PM existing retaining customers plan. I

  10. Jason says:

    @Someone appears to have me covered wherever i go in canada, without romaing or long distance fees if i go with their 45$/mo unlimited talk and text. the price is on par with publicmobile and their service appears to be much better.

  11. Jason says:

    my dropped calls are in the publicmobile covered area, and i get canned answers like yours when i phone customer support to complain about it. while they keep expanding their network outwards, i dont see any improvement in service in the already covered areas. and the thanks for being a guinea pig while they build their network is i get to pay more than a new customer who is signing up now. thats why i am looking at alternatives to public mobile.

  12. j aimerais avoir un cellulaire

  13. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Jason, you’re right, we try and encourage new customers to join Public Mobile with promotional offers, and these don’t always apply to our existing customers. We do however have offers for our existing customers to. We currently offer a $10 credit for signing up for pre-approved credit card payments, and offer a $20 credit for a referral though our Friendship Pays program.

  14. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Ashley – we should have Hamilton Wentworth area covered in early 2011.

  15. Chris B says:

    You guys say you put a site up at Rue Meloche and Ave du Chateau Pierrefonds but I live within walking distance and I get 0 reception. Can you explain the problem, your tech support has no answers.
    You should just save money, fire them and use an automated response because they are no help.

  16. Yuan says:

    Hi, david. I just heard the promotion about a $10 credit for signing up for pre-approved credit card payments is over at 26, Nov. I want to know if you will do this promotion again or you have other this kind of promotion of this kind. Thx

  17. Brian says:

    It is still unfair to off such a great deal to new customers and ignore exsisting ones.

    I think I will switch back to ROGERS, I have the $40 plan with unlimited text and tak at Public, now -a-days that is not such a great deal for a new carrier.

  18. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Yuan, unfortunately that promotion has indeed ended. However, we publish all of our promotions on the blog so keep an eye out – we will let you know if it comes back.

  19. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Brian, you’re right – we try to encourage new customers to join Public Mobile with promotional offers, and these don’t always apply to our existing customers. We do however have offers for our existing customers too. We currently have an offer for a referral though our Friendship Pays program: This program is being tweaked for the Holidays and from December 10 – December 24, when you refer a friend to Public Mobile you get a month of free service for every friend that joins. We’ll have a new blog post on this tomorrow, so please come back and check it out.

  20. G. says:

    I dont understand….why would i tell my friend to refer me if i am not getting anything. be life FIDO and offer a free month or something for both the existing customer and the new customer being referred.!!!

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