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By | Posted January 10th, 2011

We love offering Canadians more for less! Join Public Mobile by February 28th and for your first six months, get our $35 plan for only $25. You’ll be saving $10 monthly while getting unlimited talk and text, free unlimited long distance calling within Canada and the U.S and free voicemail for six months.

For the $24 dollar plan, we’re including free call display for 6 months.

Finally, we continue to offer discounts on selected phones so stop by one of our stores or give us a call at 1-877-999-5055 to learn more.

Click here to find a Public Mobile store near you.

If you are an existing Public Mobile customer, tell your friends about Public Mobile and when they sign up you’ll get a $20 credit for every friend who joins with our Friendship Pays program.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I love the deals and the plans. But I have several problems. Sometimes when I make or recive calls, I can’t hear them or they can’t hear me. And I sometimes hear static and an echo with my voice. I have the Kyocera qualcomm 3G comma and It doesn’t have internet networks at all. I travel to Brantford a lot and I understand that your working on expanding your services so I was just wondering when that city will recieve reception. I was also concered when I couldn’t set up my Twitter or Facebook account with this mobile network. If you could fix these 6 probs, that would be AWESOME! However, if you cannot, I am considering switching mobile carriers. Thankyou, Samii ♥

  2. suprit says:


  3. Dustin says:

    Suprit, you realize that cost varies from country and to have unlimited to any where would cost over hundreds of $ a month.

  4. Ravelojaona says:

    J’habite à Gatineau, il n’y apas de vente de public phone ici donc est-ce que le mobilphone ne marche pas chez nous même si nous allons acheter un à Montréal par exemple? Quand est-ce que publicmobil sera en vente chez nous ou à Ottawa à la rigueur?

  5. Goldy says:

    Hi, I agree with Samii. Plans and offers are gud.. however, issue with service. some time other party cann’t hear me and some time..i can not hear them… its happens so often… i got frustrated so many times… i am using ZTE headset which you guys are considering the best phone for reception perspective… I will also look for alternative if it continues for long time…Goldy :)

  6. hhghgg says:

    i hate cdma i wish public had simcards public has 2 weeks to get hspa before i go back to bell thanks

  7. Mary Ann says:

    Hi there, happy with my current plan and the promotion incentive.

    I would like to go on the internet and do web browsing for maps, entertainment and shopping, as well as accessing my email daily and I guess that would require a data ad-on? Please get a plan set up to accommodate those who would like email + web browsing at an amazing deal.

    Could not pass up your promotion incentive so I got in, but I’m still with my other carrier so that I can use email and browsing only. Troublesome for two billings and would prefer just paying one. Let me know when this service becomes available.

    I’d like to see available add-ons separate for email + data only, or browsing the web only, or a combination of all of them in one package add-on as an optional choice. Thanks.

  8. roselyn borden says:

    i have a serious problem with drop calls, i am in the downtown area and the reason i switch from wind mobility is because of the amount of drop calls, now i am getting the same with public. I would appreciate if that could be fixed, if you look at my account i dont even use the phone much because of that, but still paying.

  9. Maziyar says:

    Hi, in my opinion Public mobile has a very bad service. we have many problem with Public mobile. the first one, when I wanted to buy Public mobile in two month ago, they said to me that Public mobile has a good coverage in Montreal but coverage in out of Montreal is so week. I here have to say that in the Montreal, don’t have a good coverage. the another big problem is for paying bill, when we call to number 1-877-999-5055 we have to stay online for a long time because of time is not important for Public mobile company also because of they don’t have a good customer service, I called 3 times and each time me and person who was on the phone have tried 2 times to pay my bill but the money is reduced from my account and my bill didn’t pay that is not a good work. I have to mention that the money came back to my account after 1week.

  10. Jonas says:

    Today I transferred my Pay As you go Bell Number to Public Mobile. It was quick and easy at the College St. and Landsdown Ave Store. The REP guys gave me VIP Treatment. I don’t remember having the same treatment the first times I signed up with bell and Rogers (10 years ago).
    I understand the Coverage is limited by the moment but Public Mobile is just starting business. “We have to support this small companies” who give us really good deals, its the only way to stop the Big Companies to taking the money from our pockets with the highest rates in the world and monopolizing the communications services.
    It will be great if Public add more countries to its list of unlimited international calls.
    It will be great if the near future they provide Internet Service, with Unlimited Data Transfer, so we will stop the plans of Bell and Rogers to charge us by usage.

  11. faizan says:

    omg i am a little late its already feb 28th today.. I WANNA GET THIS OFFER BUT GODDAMNIT I AM LATE!… public mobile please give me this offer even if i am just a little late… pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Roselyn, can you please send us an email or give us a call to let us know exactly where you are having reception problems? We’d like a better understanding of the service issues that you are experiencing so that we can reinforce the network in this area: *611 from your Public Mobile phone or Thank you.

  13. Public Mobile says:

    Thanks Jonas, glad you had a great experience with us. We’ll be introducing data soon so stay tuned!

  14. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Faizan, we actually have a new offer in market. Check it out here

  15. louis says:

    Hi, in my opinion Public mobile has a very bad service. The issue with their service. sometime other party can’t hear me and sometime i cannot hear them its happens so often, i got frustrated so many times. i am using Kyocera the one flip a side, every public mobile store said that the problem with this kind phone from beginning why public mobile don’t take care customers changing phone’s for the ones they have this kind phone and even they don’t want to change it for me even knowing it s bad phone they prefer loosing client than changing the phone even having plan $4x for year now but am going to give try with chatr hope they have good service.

  16. Tommy says:

    I have two tickets in for a complaint of their network being insecure when it comes to text messages since I changed to the android phone on 3G. Anyone else having this problem, where you send text messages and the person you are sending it to receives the message from you showing a completely different telephone #? Been happening a lot to me, 5 or more different numbers people receive my messages from. Including Montreal Quebec phone numbers.
    P.M. has this month to fix the problem or lose my two accounts, when I was hoping to transfer my wife’s phone over to join us instead.
    Really interested to hear from anyone else having this problem!

  17. Joey B says:

    I have the same problem. They haven’t fixed it yet but I have been provided with a work around.

    Keep your messages to less then 140 characters. When you try to go over 140 characters, the phone converts it to MMS and thats when it happens.

    Also…no one else is reading your messages. It is just the way the message is routed. Now if your friends reply to that number, of course it will go to the wrong place.

  18. rob s. says:

    Horrible Horrible Service.

    On at least 3 occasions my voice and text messages were delayed for 2 or more days as they sat in a queue. Then suddenly they all arrived at the same time. On two occasions I was told that the problem had been resolved. Clearly this has not been the case as it just happened again. Messages (text and voice) from Thursday November 8th on were all received at 5:30 on the 10th of November. This cost me 2 full days of work.

    My service ends on the 13th of November, I will be looking for a new service provider on November 11th.

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