We want to change the Canadian cellphone industry. For good.

By | Posted March 31st, 2011

Today we’re announcing the launch of our $15 unlimited plan. And we’re thinking it’ll do us all a world of good.

Canadian cellphone users have been held hostage for years. We have been paying outrageous fees for telecommunication services. It’s always been Public Mobile’s mission to change this. Today we have.

With a straightforward $15 a month plan there is now a real alternative to prepaid cards. No more counting minutes, topping up or standing in line. And no more paying up to 40 cents a minute.

And now, cutting the cord on our home phones is possible. Which would mean we could stop paying ludicrous 40-year old charges like ‘Touch-Tone’ or crazy made up fees like ‘network access’ on long distance plans.

Could this be more than just a new rate plan announcement? Maybe it could be about us deciding to enrich our communities instead of making three big companies richer. We like that idea. So we are launching our Public Good initiative. Starting today, we will donate $10,000 to local charities for every 10,000 new customers who join Public Mobile. To kick things off, we are donating to the Because I am a Girl charity run by Plan Canada.

We think that this way, we all win. For good.

To get inspired, watch our video here.

Learn more and read the full press release here.

To learn more about Because I am a Girl, you can visit their website at http://www.becauseiamagirl.ca.

You can also watch the Girl Effect video at http://www.girleffect.org/video.

Or visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/becauseiamagirlcanada.

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  1. gsm says:

    where are the details for $15 plan…
    what is included and what not…
    is caller id included…

  2. david says:

    Hi GSM – you can find details of what is included in our $15, $24 and $35 plans at http://www.publicmobile.ca/pmconsumer/plans. All three plans are available in stores as of Friday morning.

  3. Dustin says:

    More choice the better.

  4. Maestro says:


    I’m just wondering when the Public Mobile’s first data device called the “BUZZ” would be available in april. Also is it true that I would be able to do only email (5$/month) at the beginning ??

    Thank you in advance


  5. Joe says:

    Great plans, but can we get more info on the new phone? Price? Release date? Every other company gives at least few weeks notice so that device can be anticipated. But public mobile just comes out randomly with phones plans, etc as if they have no plan and just reacting to other companies.

  6. Nazil says:

    if you want to kno about the new phone jus call customer service, they said it will be a ZTE smartphone that looks like a blackberry. Took about 3 reps to get the answer. They said its because there g band network doesn’t allow for other smartphones to operate unless they soley produce a phone for public mobile. With the ZTE model its cheaper for the network because they do not have to pay RIM or Android to build a model specific to the G band network.

  7. John F says:

    very important to stress the word LOOKS like a blackberry. In no way shape or form can the Buzz compete with the blackberry.

    This is an ENTRY level smartphone for new data users. Not someone who is accustomed to using such devices as blackberries and iphones, etc.

  8. Sheldon says:

    Thx Public Mobile. Now my 87 year old mom can have a cell phone to carry opn her so I have peace of mind. And it will cost half of what her home phione costs!

    BTW – I heard that there is a new handset coming made by AI. Its supposed to be s-l-i-ck. How about sharing the specs?

  9. RB says:

    I would also like to know more about the new Buzz phone,can you give us a specific launch date? it may not be a Blackberry but it looks nicer then all the other available phones, plus i like the full keyboard.

  10. Paul says:


    1.why is it that every time i make a call i hear a sound (like a busy line) for a milla-second .

    2. will the PM lines or phones be updates with noise-cancellation, i just find there is so much static when making phone calls, but on landlines it is super clear?

  11. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Joe, we’re happy to let you know that we launched our data service today giving customers the option of unlimited data for $10, or unlimited email for $5. We also launched our data ready phone with a QWERTY keyboard, the BUZZ. In addition, we are working on additional phones and services and, as soon as we have confirmed launch dates we will be making announcements on our blog and facebook page.

  12. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Nazil, until we have all the details and launch date ironed out, it is difficult for our customer service to give you all the information, but we’re sorry to hear you had to wait so long to speak with someone who could help you. We can now let you know that we have launched our data service that provides either unlimited data for $10/month, or unlimited email for $5/month. We also launched our QWERTY keyboard phone, the BUZZ, which is data ready. You can find out more details at http://www.publicmobile.ca.

  13. Public Mobile says:

    Hi John, today we launched our new data ready phone, the BUZZ. It has a QWERTY style keyboard and when combined with our unlimited data or email service is a good alternative to those who want data, but couldn’t previously justify the prices charged by other phone companies.

  14. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Sheldon, thanks for writing in and sharing your story, we love hearing about happy new users! As for the new phone, it’s called the BUZZ and you can find more details about it at: http://www.publicmobile.ca/pmconsumer/phones/phoneDetail?phoneId=BUZZ

  15. Public Mobile says:

    Hi RB, We can now let you know that we have launched our data service that provides either unlimited data for $10/month, or unlimited email for $5/month. We also launched our QWERTY keyboard phone, the BUZZ. It has a QWERTY style keyboard and when combined with our unlimited data or email service is a good alternative to those who want data, but couldn’t previously justify the prices charged by other phone companies. You can find out more details at http://www.publicmobile.ca.

  16. Sergey says:

    I like your plans and hope you will cover my area soon (Saint-Constant, QC).
    I’m wondering if you are planning to offer/support Android CDMA 800 MHz capable phones (like http://www.htc.com/us/products/evo-sprint#tech-specs).

  17. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Sergey, St Constant is definitely on our list of areas to cover before the end of summer and we’ll be sure to announce it when we have a firm launch date.
    For phones, we are working on new phones, but don’t have any launches dates or models to announce at this point.

  18. Michel My says:

    I am moving from Europe to Montreal and was very excited about the idea of not having a land line but then saw that you charge for every option (which are “free” in Europe even on a prepaid phone)….
    I wonder why you guys charge for callerID, Call Forwarding, when in fact it doesn’t cost you anything to provide it ….
    Keep working at it !!

  19. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Michel, because we offer Canada’s lowest price for unlimited talk these extra features are not included. It’s standard to charge for these features in Canada. Thanks for your support!

  20. joyce says:

    im so fed up with frauds!! everytime i have called public mobile regarding an issue so many times it wasnt documented..also i was just told on feb 28 my billing date could be changed to the first which is when i can afford to retop my phone,the representative josh waivered my reactivation fee so this procedure could be done,i was told it was all taken care of to find out it actually wasnt done,i find out my phone is about to be disconnected on the old date,wow im so upset right now,and to top it off 3 different reps hung up on me!!! now isnt that great customer service, lies,ignorant and frauds,, yes im seriously thinking on going with another company that can accommodate my services,and billing dates!!! and not lie to me,,,

  21. John F says:

    Unless the call dropped, there is only one reason any customer care agent will disconnect a call, and that goes for any company, not just Public Mobile. They have the right to hang up on a customer, when the customer gets verbally abusive towards the rep. I would suggest maybe you know…calling back and getting the story straight. Maybe asking for a supervisor to look into the issue. 99.9% of issues that arise between a customer and customer care is caused by a miscommunication of sorts. Not lies or fraud. Or you know…there is a little something called being human. You kow what humans do…they make mistakes….so MAYBE this Josh person made a mistake and forgot something. No need to go and start acting like an angry teenager on a rampage.

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