Siren Music: What’s New this week for Music Lovers

By | Posted January 18th, 2013

Siren Music is always adding new music to ALL the great music that we already have in our library. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve added this week!

Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie

jt_suit and tie_560p

Les Miserables – Soundtrack


A$AP – Long.Live.A$AP


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  1. Kevin says:

    Been a Siren user for six months now. My feedback:

    First, the Library is missing a LOT of music. Try searching for Beatles, ACDC, Pete Townshend, Iron Maiden, Anne Murray to name a few and you’re SOL. Yes they keep adding music; but who knows if/when I’ll ever see these artists.

    Download issues:
    Even if you’re lucky enough to find the artist you’re interested in, rarely does the download work first time. Normally I need to “restart download” multiple times to bring down an album.

    Worse is quite often after a download – you might end up with song 1, song 4, song 5, and song 7 as an example, and you are SOL for the other songs on that album.

    Library info is messed-up in areas; example search for Alanis Morisette you get nothing. Yet search for “Jagged Little Pill” and you will find the album under artist John Patrick Salisbury… Really? And this causes a whole new set of play issues.. Can only play one song at a time when that happens.

    The service is “okay” – but needs work to be used daily with any kind of satisfaction.

  2. Public Mobile says:

    Hi Kevin, thank you for the feedback! We are always building our music library, but unfortunately certain artists and songs will not be available on any subscription service for a variety of reasons (for example if the artist has chosen to selectively release his/her album online).

    As for the difficulties you are experiencing while downloading, please send us an email at with details so that we can investigate and resolve the issue. Please include your phone number in the email.

    Finally, we are always working on enhancements to the service – including areas that you mentioned like Search. We’ll share more on this as soon as we can. Once again, thank you for your constructive feedback.

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